We’ve analyzed about many successful case for particular advertisers deeply. Now we will make comparison of two competitors to analyze the effect of different marketing strategies.

Lightinthebox.com and Banggood.com are two successful websites for global e-commerce. Let’s dig more to analyze their performance difference.



Banggood.com is a comprehensive e-commerce website and there are various selected items. The currently hottest sellers maybe watches and bags according to their latest ad creatives.

The innovative creatives performs better than others of plain product pictures though the latter type is much more in their ads.


The main product categories of Lightinthebox.com are watches, clothing and shoes. And the most common creatives are also the plain product pictures as Banggood.com. Are they both serious for social media advertising?


Actually, the ads do not have a good performance except the anniversary special offer ad. Besides, the ads are in line with AliExpress style which may not match the local market.

Disappointed by the social media ads innovation let us take a look at their marketing data.


Marketing Data

From the general reviews, the data of Lightinbox.com looks obviously better than Banggood.com. The monthly visits of Lightinbox.com are more than double as Banggood.com’s and the PV is one time higher. What makes such difference? Let’s dig more and deeper.

Traffic Source




The traffic of Banggood.com comes from natural, and then social media and search ads while Lightinbox.com’s is mainly from natural and search ads. It seems search ads still dominate e-commerce filed though social media develops flourishingly.


Paid Traffic

Lightinbox.com’s cost of paid traffic is lower than Banggood.com’s even their traffic volume is in reverse situation. Lightinbox.com focuses on search and social media ads, whereas Banggood.com pays more attention to social median and display ads.




Social Media Ads

Social media ads are valued by both but what about the specific social media platforms?

From the below data we could conclude that both of them pay 80% attention to Facebook and Youtube, and Lightinbox.com devote 70% cost into Facebook advertising. In addition, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Twitter also share a low proportion of the budget.





We have got some ideas for their on-line advertising strategies from above data. Let’s move forward to other aspects of their operation.


Facebook Page Operation


There are plenty of Facebook pages for Banggood. “Banggood Fashion” is a typical page for fashionable articles, such as clothing, shoes, hats, bags and manicure.

Other Facebook pages are built per product categories and target geos for detailed management. But on the other hand, it is a big challenge for operating so many detailed pages with different languages.

Lightinbox.com, by contrast, operates easier and the traffic is well-concentrated.


The main Facebook page of Lightinbox.com is focused on wedding dress category while Banggood.com’s is with various categories.


The online marketing strategy comparison of Lightinbox.com and Banggood.com discussed here.

Any analysis suggestions or specific topics you would like us to discuss are highly welcome. We will consider to analyze for you!