Casino ads are recently popular in social media. Most of Casino games embed their online version to various social media, such as Facebook. Watt just find an amazing one on it.

Let’s have a look at its creative. It is a video ad that stimulates people to “spin to win” and exhibits how easy to monetize the money from the game. The “play now” button, at the end of the video, is the finishing touch for converting.

The targeting crowd is 30+ male who have some money but wish to make big money. They are confident for themselves and willing to afford the small money for a big chance. Just as the saying goes, “Who dares win”.

Regarding other ads of the same advertiser, each of them uses bright and contrasting color to give customer strong visual impact whatever ad format it is. The bold use of color characterizes the casino ads which lead people to easily recognize at the first sight.

There are 5800 likes and 1100 forwards for their best performed ad which last 85 days. However, the ad is pretty simple both on copywriter and picture. The ad shows that it is already beyond a game to let players “win real cash”. People will be curious about the way to win real cash and the curiosity will bring conversion to the maximum extent.

There is no more limitation than age and gender for the targeting crowd which is a smart wide-spread advertising strategy for social casino ads.

Look back to the advertiser’s Facebook page, this is a big advertiser with 600,000 fans. Moreover, it has own app and some fan groups to increase player loyalty.

“Win real cash” is attractive and players could be easy to “play now” by just filling email and password through several click buttons.

Regarding its posts, many of them are just same with creatives. As a casino game, that is a good way to save time on posting.

There are also two interesting category post. One is an inspiration story for successful casino player win big money through the game and change his life.

The other is to follow the special day trend and just put the game link at the end of the post though the day is nothing with the game. Something like the “freeloader” in advertising industry-Durex.


  1. Grasp people’s game psychology, showing the high light of game and giving the game link directly;
  2. The target crowd of casino games are male over 30 years who will be more incline to try to win;
  3. Well prepared creatives stimulate people’s interest and curiosity which leads to higher CTR;
  4. Successful stories, no matter they are fact or fiction, could inspire people to have a try;
  5. Closely follow the hot topic will get more traffic;
  6. Easy entrance link and procedure are more welcome for new players.