There is worldwide social apps for acquaintance like Facebook, What’s up, We Chat and so on, and there is also dating apps for strangers, such as Tinder. Now we take LOVOO as example to see how these dating apps to promote online.

Lovoo is a Germany dating app. It will select people based on age, location, photos and related background information for you. You can swipe right (if like him) or swipe left (pass), and if the guy you like also swipe right on you, a screen will appear showing that you’ve matched and inviting you to send them a message.

The main ad formats are carousel and video ads. And the creatives are abundant.

Appearance Attraction

Loving beauty is part of human nature. The pictures of handsome boys and pretty girls perform super well.


Easy Procedure Attraction

Match per distance, and if both feel okay then make an appointment is super easy.


Emotion Attraction

Plenty of love and happiness pictures are showing off. Watt Just want to stop single in seconds.

Whatever emotion needs, Lovoo will satisfy you.

Though the creatives are various, the scenario video and eye – watering pictures of young and beauties perform better. For the dating apps, direct stimulation works.


The front-page of its Facebook page is an album record the process of loving, marriage and having babies. Lovoo is beyond an app since it is also selling story: Everyone will find her happiness and the app maybe the bridge for the love.

Regarding the various post, Watt will give you some typical examples.



1.Collect user stories

2.Feedback for activities to complete the activities also stimulate the new users

3.Roadshow for brand awareness

4.Live dating activities for strengthen the communication between users



1.Use Memes to connect people, making the app handy to users


2.Make jokes on famous people



1.How to chat

2.How to flirt



1.Want mom to give advice on boyfriend style jeans, but inexplicably complained by her that you do not date. (One world, one mom.)

2.No skills in communication

3.Why you always be swiped left (pass)



1.New function

2.Fancy style of the app

3.Street Interview for the app

4.Endorsement advertorial

5.Forward the Affective articles

6.Holiday celebration

“Love letter” part in its official website shares love stories, articles and the information of its live dating activities for users. In this way, the brand core value could be extended.

Business Insight

  1. The creatives should be clear and direct for the dating apps. All for dating, all for love. The function demonstration of the app and pictures of handsome boys and pretty girls catch people’s eyes.
  2. Story could extend and develop the core value of the brand. Give stories to make the brand more attractive.
  3. Strengthen the user communication from online to live activities to retain user and their loyalty.
  4. Step on users’ toes, using scenario creatives such as flirt skills to knock them out.